I might be offering up another unpopular opinion, but my focus is on the actions we often hesitate to take. Consider this: We readily applaud innovative ideas but are sometimes too timid to forge our own paths. Take Elon Musk, for instance; we either hail him as a visionary or dismiss him as merely toying with ideas, simply because we lack the courage to take similar risks ourselves.

Reflecting on the post-pandemic landscape of the telematics industry raises an intriguing question: Is our reluctance to embrace new technologies rooted in a lack of courage or a deficiency in knowledge? From my perspective, the industry is currently experiencing an influx of companies and salespeople promoting similar offerings with minimal added value and no real distinguishing features. Over the past 8 to 12 months, I’ve observed a multitude of them echoing the same buzzwords like #AI, #real-time, #analytics, and #reports. How can customers differentiate between them when the offerings seem identical?

Getting back to my point, being in this industry for 13 years, I’ve developed a keen eye for discerning truth from falsehood. Let me give you this side of story and you will tell if I am right or I am just living in my head: I try to sell an innovative solution, which brings value and makes the difference as can be customized as per client’s convenience, and more than that doesn’t cost any penny in the phase of adoption or integration. Everybody (leads, potential customers, audience, even existing customers) gets very enthusiastic and agree that this a #gamechanger in the industry and will make the difference in this ocean of offers. Everything good so far, now let’s get to the next steps: as I said free of charge- the adoption of the solution. Well…here comes the same story which doesn’t have to do anything with the reality in the field or with the previous discussions and sounds like that “we are busy right now, we are waiting for our client to decide, we have many thing to do and do not have the resources….” You can continue the list as I am sure that you have one too.

This begs the questions:

Are we truly lacking in knowledge when it comes to adopting new technologies, or are we simply afraid of failure, content to remain bystanders instead of trailblazers?

Why do we hesitate to embrace innovation in our professional lives when we readily adopt it in our personal endeavors? What steps can we take to overcome our fear of failure and embrace innovation?

How can we overcome our fear of failure and become early adopters in the telematics realm?

Moreover, how do we distinguish genuine progress from empty promises in a market saturated with similar offerings?

In the end, I’m not here to deliver a TED talk; I simply want to articulate my thoughts, leaving a record to revisit in the future. Let’s engage in an open dialogue, challenging our perspectives and exploring avenues for growth in the ever-evolving landscape of telematics.

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