I would like to introduce you the CANbus Skills Academy– your online classroom, where learning is free and fun!

As I have many friends, clients, and partners all around the world, the only possible way to share my knowledge and expertise is through the power of internet. So, please enjoy, spread the word, and make your colleagues your classmates.

At CANbus Skills Academy , the mission is to equip #telematics #engineers and companies with the knowledge and skills to revolutionize the world of #mobility. They strive to provide comprehensive online courses that go beyond mere data streaming, empowering the “students” to unlock the true potential of telematics. With a focus on stability, trust, and cutting-edge technology, the goal is to build a community of skilled #professionals who drive innovation, enhance safety, and optimize transportation.

During 13 years in telematics industry I realized that installation process is a big challenge and in the same time the success of a project rely 100 % on the installation. So why not make things easier when it comes to this? Why not offer the same chances and information to everybody no matter what type of telematics units are using?

I believe that you know better than me the situation when you are in the field, in front of a vehicle or a new model and you don’t even know how to start because you cannot locate the right connection? For this kind of situation is the https://canbus.academy/.

Don’t be shy! Sign up and you will have access to much information related to the CANbus. Also, you have the possibility to become a skilled Canbus technical engineer with the extra features and functionalities at the platform. This could be your 24/7 live assistant with lifetime access. It’s up to you if  want to be part of the change or if you want to stay were you are.

Keep up the good work!

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