With 13 years in the telematics and auto game, I’ve seen the EV revolution kick off, largely thanks to our buddy Elon Musk. Now, let’s not get into whether he’s a genius or just enjoys a good controversy. The bigger question looms – are we genuinely practicing what we’re preaching?

Think back to the early EV days. Charging stations were a hiccup, but we figured that out. EVs started taking over fleets, and even delivery companies went all-in on the “green” strategy. But here’s where my not-so-popular opinion kicks in.

News after news that the future will be electric. We will save the planet if we go electric-at least in developed countries as in 3rd world countries the vehicles are still old and part of them do not have electronic implemented.

Remember Volta Trucks, the world leading electric truck? I was laughing a bit back then because I was thinking who would invest in a truck with only 150-200 km autonomy. I am sure you are updated with the news from last year.

Time passed, we became greener and guess what? The news that Hertz is selling their EV is shaking the market once again. Not that they are selling the EVs’ but they also replace them with ICE vehicles, mainly because of maintenance costs.

Now, I’m not just talking about how green EVs are or the CO2 shuffle – let’s get real about sustainability and those piles of batteries nobody knows what to do with.

Ever seen those videos of deserts filled with clothes, tires, and junk? Now, imagine that, but with EV parts. Picture a Wall-E situation with heaps of batteries and metal that no one knows how to handle. Are we really in it for sustainability, or are we all just caught in the FOMO whirlwind?

Even with these thoughts in mind, we’re all still riding the EV wave. Why, you ask? Can we be smart about rules and make this whole EV journey a win for efficiency without trashing the planet?  I believe it’s time to talk, spark some buzz, and tackle the tricky side of sustainability.

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